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Patient Testimonials

My Endocrinologist took the time to listen and explain everything-the condition, treatment, options, and why etc. It is a luxury for a physician these days to invest some time in their patients and that is very much appreciated. This is what health care is all about.
TeleMed2U Patient
Dr. Seigel is AWESOME!!! He seems to know his area of expertise well. He has a quick wit to be able to connect and lighten the mood. His interaction with me as a patient is very much appreciated because he listens to any concerns or questions. He informs and educates me about things with my condition that I was not aware of and that makes it easier for me to take care of myself. He listens and processes all the information before him then discusses possibilities.Exactly what a good doctor should do!!! I find him to be an awesome doctor and a rare find in today's doctors' pool. I feel privileged to have him as my doctor. And most importantly, I feel that he genuinely cares for my well being.
TeleMed2U Patient
 My doctor was very thorough, professional and was actively engaged in my responses and questions.  I appreciate being able to work with a Specialists who don’t reside in my area. Thank you so much for providing telemedicine in our community.
TeleMed2U Patient

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About Endocrinology

What are the symptoms of endocrine disorders?

Endocrine disorders are most commonly caused by problems related to the more than 50 different hormones that your body makes. Disorders can also be caused by injury, infection, or a tumor on an endocrine gland, which can alter hormone levels. The endocrine glands, which produce these hormones, may start producing too many or too few hormones. This imbalance can cause fatigue or weakness, or changes in weight, mood, blood glucose or cholesterol levels. These are the most common symptoms but each type of endocrine disorder has a unique set of symptoms. For example, diabetes can cause thirst, hunger, blurry vision, and excess urination. Thyroid disease can cause anxiety, irritability, diarrhea, and sleep problems.

When your endocrine system is functioning normally, you won’t notice it. But if problems arise with this complex system, you’ll need an endocrinologist to diagnose the problem and treat it.

What is an Endocrinologist?

Endocrinologists diagnose and treat endocrine disorders. As medical doctors who have specialized training in caring for the body’s complex endocrine system, they treat problems related to hormone production, hormonal glands, and related tissues. These hormonal problems can cause diabetes, metabolic disorders, thyroid diseases or cancer, osteoporosis, adrenal gland problems, pituitary disorders, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.
If you can’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to contact us.

What is TeleMed2U?

TeleMed2U is a multispecialty telemedicine provider, proudly serving patients directly, enabling patients to visit doctors face to face over video, through our online platform. Our network of board-certified physicians is span across more than 20 different medical specialties.

What can be treated through Telemedicine?

From behavioral health to endocrinology, our online doctors can help you with a variety of medical conditions spanning over 20 specialties.

Our doctors can provide specialist care for chronic health conditions (like diabetes management by an endocrinologist) or second opinions (for example an epilepsy disorder evaluation by a neurologist).

Outside of acute and emergent issues, such as those requiring someone to go to an emergency Department or to call 911, telemedicine can help evaluate your clinical condition.

How much does it cost?

TeleMed2U accepts most insurances. Pricing varies based on your insurance plan.  When paying out of pocket, pricing is always provided before a visit and you’ll never get a surprise bill from us or your insurance provider.

View our pricing details.

What insurance do you accept?

At TeleMed2U we accept most insurance plans, view all plans.

Can I use my Medicare plan?

Yes, we accept Medicare. Exclusions may apply for certain specialties.

Do I need a referral from my primary care physician?

Most patients do not need a referral to see a specialist at TeleMed2U. If your insurance company requires a referral, our staff will work with you to obtain the required referral.

How do I schedule my initial appointment with a TeleMed2U specialist?

If you have questions regarding scheduling your appointment, please call (916) 740-3721 or  [(855) 446-TM2U (8628)

Who do I call if I need to cancel or reschedule my specialty visit?

Please call us at (916) 740-3721 or (855) 446-TM2U (8628) should you need to make a change to your appointment.

Can the consult be done on a mobile device?

Consults can be done on mobile devices with the correct software video and audio capabilities. One of our scheduling team members can assist you with questions specific to your device.

How long is an appointment?

Appointment duration will vary based on the medical specialty and if this is your first or a follow up appointment.

What are the next steps after my appointment with the specialist?

Next steps after a visit with one of our doctors is no different than when you see a doctor in person. The usual next steps are to schedule a follow-up appointment, get any tests or labs that your doctor may have ordered. Our staff can help you schedule your next appointment.

Can your doctor prescribe medication and how do I receive my prescription?

TeleMed2U doctors can prescribe medications like any other doctor you visit.

When it comes to prescriptions, our doctors evaluate the medical need before prescribing.

The prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

We currently do not prescribe certain controlled substances like narcotics or benzodiazepines.

Can your doctors prescribe refills for my existing medications?

TeleMed2U providers can refill medications when appropriate.

How do I obtain my imaging, test or lab orders?

All orders are sent electronically to the location that aligns with the patient benefits.

Is my consult private and secure?

Yes, TeleMed2U’s platform is private and secure meeting HIPAA AND HITECH regulations

All interactions between you and your doctor are encrypted so they remain strictly confidential.

I have a question that isn’t listed here. Can you help me?

Please contact us at (916) 740-3721 or (855) 446-TM2U (8628) or email us at info@telemed2u.com

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