Heather Heck, MS, PA-C

Education & Training
Medical Education:
Western University Health Sciences. 2013-2015
Speciality Board:

Heather Heck is a board certified Physician Assistant who specializes in  Endocrinology. Ms. Heck has a bachelor’s in Human Biology and a Master’s in  Quantitative Systems Biology with an emphasis in molecular cardiac electrophysiology from the University of California, Merced. Heather also  taught undergraduate Physics and Molecular Biology for pre-med majors at U.C.  Merced before completing her Master’s in physician assistant studies at Western  University of Health Sciences.

Heather Heck has been practicing her passion of endocrinology since 2015 where  she is highly skilled in Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, continuous glucose  monitors, insulin pumps, pituitary disorders, adrenal disorders, electrolyte  abnormalities, thyroid disease, and hormone irregularities. Her husband also has  Type 1 diabetes, which has given Ms. Heck a unique insight in living with diabetes  and understanding the challenges patients encounter outside of their practitioner’s  office. Heather Heck currently teaches at Loma Linda University where she trains  new practitioners to find their passion in medicine. Ms. Heck’s enthusiasm to teach  her students is also evident in her practice, in which she not only gives her patients  a treatment plan but also teaches them about their condition giving them the  power to reach their health goals.