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TeleMed2U for PCP/Clinics

TeleMed2U provides hard-to-find specialists for your patients to compliment the primary care offerings.

Most practices and clinics have a critical shortage of medical specialists. This gap can shortchange your patients and your bottom line. Accessing specialists through referrals limits your revenue-generating potential of specialist services. Staff is occupied with the burdens of arranging referrals, scheduling, and billing.

TeleMed2U’s system flexibility can quickly adapt to your need for specialists, with a variety of services – from consultations to test analysis – and in both in- and outpatient settings.

Partnering with TeleMed2U’s telemedicine technology provides important advantages, including:

  • Patients gain access to a network of experienced specialists for the most in-demand specialties.
  • Our secure and reliable technology can integrate with your established workflow and electronic health record system (EHR).
  • Reduced wait times to see specialists.
  • Ability to treat highly complex cases in house.
  • All specialists are experienced, fully credentialed and licensed. 
  • Patient satisfaction with care increases with telemedicine access to specialists.
  • Secure messaging provides close collaboration between specialists and your care team. 
  • Patient outcomes are tracked and analyzed for value added, patient satisfaction, and follow-up appointments. 
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Competitive practices are increasingly using telemedicine to increase specialty care services. Telemedicine is quickly growing in acceptance and trust among patients, especially those who are managing chronic conditions. 

Using TeleMed2U’s technology provides significant ways to reduce costs and enhance revenues:

  • Stops lost revenue from off-site referrals or transfers.
  • Reduces administrative costs and cost of care.
  • Staff can focus on more face-time with patients. 
  • Documentation is provided by interfacing with your EHR system.
  • Reports and analytics simplify your analysis of clinical and financial impacts of care. 

TeleMed2U’s team of specialists provides consultations, direct patient care, and on-call coverage. We contract directly with each practice.

TeleMed2U is experienced in implementing and executing inpatient programs with the most in-demand specialties, including:

  • Infectious disease
  • Nephrology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pulmonology

Our team of specialists can enrich and improve your:

  • Patient-centric care and care management
  • Clinical outcomes and quality measures
  • On-call coverage
  • Patient workflow
  • Patient and provider satisfaction
  • Service mandates and statutory compliance 

When TeleMed2U handles your specialist access, you’ll see improved outcomes, a better patient experience in terms of timeliness and effectiveness, and a lower cost to provide care.

Why Partner With TeleMed2U?

Increase Access to Specialty Care

TeleMed2U has spent a decade developing and delivering tech-enabled healthcare in areas where there is a lack of adequate access to Specialists.

Improve Patient Experience

Be part of the solution to deliver patient focused care. As an organization, TeleMed2U supports all aspects of the ‘Quadruple Aim’ initiative.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Specialty Care

We’re versatile and tailor our approach based on your needs. Regardless of the size of our partnership, you can expect the same high quality of care from our Specialists with a key focus on patient experience.

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