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TeleMed2U for Hospitals

TeleMed2U provides additional, hard-to-find specialists for your hospital to achieve the desired clinical outcomes.

TeleMed2U’s team of specialists offers hospital-based consultations via telemedicine tools, techniques, and cutting-edge technologies. TeleMed2U currently serves hospitals of all sizes – from 25-bed critical access hospitals and 75-bed skilled nursing facilities, to large, urban, acute hospitals and 200-bed trauma centers. We provide each facility with direct inpatient care and on-call coverage. TeleMed2U’s unique telemedicine technology also helps develop and deliver critical hospital programs that require physician-specialist oversight. We contract directly with each facility and fully credential all our providers and specialists.

Competitive hospitals are increasing access to specialty care via state-of-the-art telemedicine tools. Telemedicine is increasingly successful in addressing the shortage of medical specialists and helping retain providers. Demand is being driven by an aging population with multiple conditions, widespread chronic illness, and a static supply of physicians. 

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TeleMed2U provides hospitals with medical specialists who work with hospital care teams and administrative personnel to enrich and improve:

  • Patient-centric care and care management
  • Clinical outcomes and quality measures
  • On-call coverage
  • Patient triage and workflow
  • Patient and provider satisfaction
  • Service mandates and statutory compliance
  • Cost containment
  • Financial outcomes (specialists generate greater revenues compared to primary care physicians)

Additionally, TeleMed2U’s specialists can make significant reductions in your facility’s

  • Patient transfers
  • ICU length-of-stay
  • Clinical complications
  • Ancillary and pharmaceutical costs

Inpatient consultations are delivered via synchronous calls (live video or audio) that are secure and compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. We also offer hospital-based programs such as antimicrobial stewardship, and medical leadership for infection-prevention programs.

Telemedicine enjoys surprisingly high rates of patient acceptance, especially among those managing chronic conditions. TeleMed2U is experienced in successfully implementing and executing inpatient programs with the following specialties:

  • Infectious disease
  • Nephrology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pulmonology

These specialties reflect the growing demand for (in order of recruitment demand) specialists in neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, hematology, oncology, dermatology, urology, otolaryngology, geriatrics, and rheumatology. There’s also a growing demand for surgical and diagnostic specialists.

Why Partner With TeleMed2U?

Increase Access to Specialty Care

TeleMed2U has spent a decade developing and delivering tech-enabled healthcare in areas where there is a lack of adequate access to Specialists.

Improve Patient Experience

Be part of the solution to deliver patient focused care. As an organization, TeleMed2U supports all aspects of the ‘Quadruple Aim’ initiative.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Specialty Care

We’re versatile and tailor our approach based on your needs. Regardless of the size of our partnership, you can expect the same high quality of care from our Specialists with a key focus on patient experience.

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