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Telemedicine Services for Health Plans

TeleMed2U provides telemedicine consultations in more than 20 medical specialties to all major health plan members.

Health plans are leveraging telemedicine to:

  • Optimize care delivery
  • Reach patients more effectively
  • Improve care quality and member health
  • Improve member satisfaction
  • Reduce treatment costs
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency department visits

Since 2011, TeleMed2U has provided thousands of telemedicine consultations in more than 20 medical specialties including Dermatology, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Rheumatology, and Psychiatry. Our transformative approach to chronic disease management, designed using cutting-edge technology, will increase access to quality healthcare specialists in all clinical settings.

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Clinical research continues to reinforce the correlation between improved chronic disease management and access to medical specialists. TeleMed2U offers scaled and effective telemedicine solutions that increase access to specialty care that improves patient outcomes. Embedded in TeleMed2U’s chronic disease management program is a continuity of care model. It ensures that patients receive the best care possible, including seamless communication with primary care providers. A patient is assigned a dedicated specialist who works with the patient throughout the lifecycle of the program. This is especially important to foster familiarity and trust. 

TeleMed2U has a large network of medical specialists. They will work directly with health plans and its members to enrich and improve:

  • Patient-centric care and care management 
  • Clinical outcomes and quality measures
  • Patient and provider satisfaction
  • Ability to meet service mandates and statutory compliance measures

Our customizable, direct, or indirect-to-member services include virtual consultations for:

  • Common healthcare conditions
  • Chronic disease management
  • Secure electronic consultations from provider to provider

TeleMed2U is a proud partner with multiple health plans, serving as a preferred in-network telemedicine provider of specialty care. Our team works with health plans to develop a virtual care solution and strategy that addresses the unique healthcare needs of the plan’s members. We provide culturally sensitive care that exceeds healthcare standards and can improve outcomes. Our telemedicine solutions can decrease wait time to see a specialist, which reduces hospital admissions, and ultimately decreases overall healthcare costs for our partners.

Why Partner With TeleMed2U?

Increase Access to Specialty Care

TeleMed2U has spent a decade developing and delivering tech-enabled healthcare in areas where there is a lack of adequate access to Specialists.

Improve Patient Experience

Be part of the solution to deliver patient focused care. As an organization, TeleMed2U supports all aspects of the ‘Quadruple Aim’ initiative.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Specialty Care

We’re versatile and tailor our approach based on your needs. Regardless of the size of our partnership, you can expect the same high quality of care from our Specialists with a key focus on patient experience.

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