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Telemedicine Services for Health Plans

TeleMed2U is a proud partner of multiple Health Plans serving as a primary in-network telemedicine provider of specialty care. We have a longstanding history of member outreach and expanding chronic disease management with convenient access to quality specialist care. These partnerships have led to improved outcomes by decreasing specialist wait times and ultimately resulting in reduced readmissions as well as overall healthcare costs for our partners.

TeleMed2U works with health plans to develop a virtual care solution and strategy that addresses the unique healthcare needs of its members. We provide a comprehensive, customized telehealth experience that reduces operating costs and improves provider efficiency along with better patient outcomes.

By combining our expert industry knowledge and the ever-evolving power of telemedicine technology, we help ensure continuous patient engagement and utilization. The result is a healthier community with better coordinated care and a stronger connection to your brand.

Our customizable, direct or indirect-to-member services include virtual consults for:

  • Common Healthcare Conditions
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Text consults with healthcare providers

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To learn more about our inpatient services or medical specialities offered, setup a time to speak with our team - we'll be happy to walk you through how it works and the options available for your hospital or organization.

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