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TeleMed2U for Outpatient Specialty Care

TeleMed2U’s high-quality, cost-effective specialists using telemedicine technology can fill the critical need for specialists in outpatient healthcare.

The entire healthcare continuum, especially in rural and remote communities, is experiencing a shortage of medical specialists. Telemedicine is an increasingly popular way to provide access to medical specialists in a local primary-care clinic setting, or in the patient’s home. Patients can receive required care in a timelier manner, and with lower burden and expense.

TeleMed2U serves hundreds of outpatient clinics with increased access to healthcare specialists who practice throughout the United States. Outpatient clinics and practices that access TeleMed2U’s network of medical specialists can meet their patients’ clinical needs in a more timely and convenient manner.

TeleMed2U knows that a successful operational workflow is key to the success of telemedicine at the clinic level. We have developed, tested, and refined a proprietary operational workflow solution that allows TeleMed2U to:

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  • Offer revolutionary technological solutions
  • Integrate into the clinic’s existing workflow
  • Provide timely and convenient access to specialists to improve community care
  • Offer disease-state management with TeleMed2U physicians evaluating, diagnosing, and managing patients
  • Offer a state-of-the-art antimicrobial stewardship program 
  • Offer secure, synchronous, physician-to-physician consultations in outpatient settings using a HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant electronic messaging platforms.

Why Partner With TeleMed2U?

Increase Access to Specialty Care

TeleMed2U has spent a decade developing and delivering tech-enabled healthcare in areas where there is a lack of adequate access to Specialists.

Improve Patient Experience

Be part of the solution to deliver patient focused care. As an organization, TeleMed2U supports all aspects of the ‘Quadruple Aim’ initiative.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Specialty Care

We’re versatile and tailor our approach based on your needs. Regardless of the size of our partnership, you can expect the same high quality of care from our Specialists with a key focus on patient experience.

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