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TeleMed2U for IPAs/ACOs/MSOs

TeleMed2U delivers high-quality care to patients with complex or chronic conditions while reducing healthcare costs.

TeleMed2U is a leader in delivering technology pathways that increase patients’ access to specialty healthcare while decreasing costs. Our unique digital technology provides easier, quicker, and lower-cost patient access to medical specialists with hospital-based consultations via telemedicine. 

Increasingly, healthcare providers must provide care for complex conditions and multiple chronic diseases. Access to specialists is critical in meeting this challenge. Clinical research has documented the correlation between specialty care access and improved chronic disease management.

TeleMed2U’s chronic-disease management program includes a continuity-of-care model that helps:

  • Streamline specialist referrals
  • Improve patient satisfaction and compliance
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency department visits, transfers, and admissions
  • Improve care quality, patient-centric care, and care management
  • Meet service mandates and statutory compliance measures
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Our medical specialists are experienced with TeleMed’s technologies, as well as with:

  • Major electronic medical record systems
  • A variety of payers and healthcare systems
  • Working with laboratory and imaging services providers 
  • Adhering to specific medication formularies
  • Providing seamless provider-patient and provider-to-provider communication 

TeleMed2U’s clinical outcomes and routine evaluation program reviews providers’ notes to assure quality-care compliance, and that appropriate medical information has been given to patients. It also tracks patient outcome data, and reviews provider and patient satisfaction data with specialty physicians.

As a technologically agnostic organization, we work with numerous organizations and healthcare settings. The synergy created by combining both synchronous and asynchronous technologies helps break down traditional barriers that impede access to care, and help drive quadruple-aim objectives. 

TeleMed2U’s clinical, operational and administrative teams have the experience and skills essential to create and expand innovative clinical programs. A leader in integrating remote patient monitoring and telehealth services, TeleMed2U has successfully integrated remote patient monitoring with our diabetes management programs and chronic rheumatological diseases.

Why Partner With TeleMed2U?

Increase Access to Specialty Care

TeleMed2U has spent a decade developing and delivering tech-enabled healthcare in areas where there is a lack of adequate access to Specialists.

Improve Patient Experience

Be part of the solution to deliver patient focused care. As an organization, TeleMed2U supports all aspects of the ‘Quadruple Aim’ initiative.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Specialty Care

We’re versatile and tailor our approach based on your needs. Regardless of the size of our partnership, you can expect the same high quality of care from our Specialists with a key focus on patient experience.

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