Dr. Siddiqui Speaks at MSD’s Better Together Conference

December 18, 2017

At TeleMed2U, we are a multi-specialty group of board-certified physicians that supplies clients with real-time access to physician specialists through the use of telemedicine, increasing access to high-quality healthcare.

Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of TeleMed2U, where he oversees the company’s clinical and technical program development. He is board certified in infectious diseases and is a member of American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

Dr. Siddiqui has participated in over one hundred clinical research projects and served as co-principal investigator in telemedicine studies evaluating outcomes, economics, innovative applications and new technology development. He has authored articles in peer-reviewed journals, published manuscripts and abstracts and presented at national and international medical industry conferences. Dr. Siddiqui has lectured nationally and internationally on telemedicine and serves as an advisor and board member to a number of telemedicine and healthcare technology companies.

One of the leading healthcare technology companies, MSD, provides innovative new home-based equipment that helps make telemedicine possible. On January 22 – 26, 2018 at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, Dr. Siddiqui will be a speaker at MSD’s Healthcare Innovation & Technology Better Together Conference. The conference’s mission is to transform the way healthcare is experienced and delivered. Being able to provide quality healthcare to more people through telemedicine, especially those in remote areas where seeing a specialist was previously out of the question, helps improve the overall health of the population and decrease the rate of infectious disease.

As a recognized medical technologist, Dr. Siddiqui has been asked to speak along with 400+ healthcare executives, clinicians, IT professionals, exhibitors, sponsors, and sales managers, to discuss his experience with TeleMed2U, and the work he has done with developing and implementing telemedicine services and programs to hospitals and outpatient clinics. His talk at the Better Together Clinic will center on TeleHealth, focusing on the past, present, and future, and what this healthcare technology will do for your business. For example, enhancing your productivity, reducing costs, and most importantly, improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Through a powerful lineup of world-class speakers, meeting attendees can gain business insights, learn about market trends, and receive strategies to help improve business and increase the access to quality healthcare.

To learn more about the 2018 Better Together Conference visit https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/248698/register, or to request an appointment with Dr. Javeed Siddiqui, call TeleMed2U at 855-446-TM2U (8628).