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At TeleMed2U, we provide reliable, telemedicine-based specialty care to patients, primary care providers and organizations that is simple to use, professionally executed and completely secure.

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Seeking Specialist Physicians

TeleMed2U is a leader in telemedicine and continuously adding a variety of healthcare specialists to our growing team. We offer an ideal opportunity for employment or for existing practices accepting new patients.

Why TeleMed2U?

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Offer consultations only during the hours you choose
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Practice Anywhere

Help patients and other doctors from anywhere you are
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Increase Access

Help others access the specialty care you're passionate about
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Expand Your Network

Develop new relationships with patients and industry peers
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Focus on Care

Develop new relationships with patients and industry peers
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Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates to compensate you for your time

Flexible Virtual Care Delivery Models

At TeleMed2U you can choose from serving patients directly via synchronous services (live video or phone) or by advising other physicians using our asynchronous (eConsult) delivery platform.

Synchronous Services to Patients
  • Conduct real-time, audio-visual patient consultations using a platform that meets HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements
  • Have reasonable flexibility to consult with patients according to your schedule
  • Deliver accessible, cost-effective specialty care to patients using the same standard of care offered by traditional medical practices
  • Receive training on telehealth technology to deliver a consistent approach that adheres to nationally accepted care standards
  • No need for special equipment or software – access our platforms from your office with any device and connection
Asynchronous Services to Physicians

Much like a curbside consult, TeleMed2U’s asynchronous platform offers peer-to-peer consultations in an outpatient setting using a HIPAA and HITECH compliant electronic messaging platform. Specialists are routinely asked by our primary care provider client to offer advice pertaining to patient care. Our platform provides a secure and efficient way to submit and receive eConsults between TeleMed2U physicians.

  • Use our HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant electronic message platform to respond to information requests or questions from other TeleMed2U physicians
  • Complete each eConsult at your convenience
  • Use any internet-connected device from any location and at any time – day or night

What Our Doctors Say

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Working with TeleMed2U has been a rewarding experience. I am able to see new patients without the administrative overhead and on my own time.

Jodi Nagelberg, MD, MHA
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Telehealth is an evolving and exciting trend in healthcare. TeleMed2U has opened up a world of new possiblities for me to share my expertise with other fellow physicians.

Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH
Infectious Diseases
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I am impressed by the clinical standards TeleMed2U adheres by and have thoroughly enjoyed helping others access the specialty care they have been unable to get.

Divyansu Patel, MD
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Credentialing Process

TeleMed2U follows the guidelines and standards on credentialing and re-credentialing set forth by the National Committee on Quality Assurance [NCQA].

Through its credentialing and re-credentialing policies, TeleMed2U ensures that participating providers and physician executives meet basic qualifications before delivering care to patients, and verifies the qualifications of our providers on an ongoing basis