Outpatient Specialty Care

Specialty Telemedicine Care for Outpatient Settings

Throughout the healthcare continuum, especially in rural and remote communities, there is a paucity of access to medical specialists. Telemedicine provides patients with access to medical specialists at their local primary care clinic settings, making it possible to receive required care in a timely manner with lower burden and expense.

TeleMed2U serves hundreds of outpatient clinics to increase access to appropriate healthcare specialists in the region. They can access TeleMed2U’s network of medical and behavioral health specialists to meet the clinical needs of their patients in a timely and convenient manner.

At TeleMed2U we know that the factor for sustained success of telemedicine-based healthcare delivery at the clinic level lies in the operational workflow. As such, we have developed, tested, and refined a proprietary operational workflow solution that allows TeleMed2U to:

  • Be technology agnostic
  • Integrate into the clinic’s existing workflow
  • Offer disease state management, with TeleMed2U physicians evaluating, diagnosing and managing patients
  • Offer timely and convenient access to specialists to improve care in the community.

The impact of our operational workflow can be summed in a single metric. For most of our clients we offer patient appointments in as little as 2-days.

Asynchronous Peer Consultations

TeleMed2U has partnered with health care payers across the country to deliver asynchronous peer to peer consultations in the outpatient setting using a HIPAA and HITECH compliant electronic messaging platform. Specialists are routinely asked by primary care providers to offer advice pertaining to patient care. Our telemedicine platform provides a secure and efficient way for primary care physicians to submit information requests to TeleMed2U’s specialists, and for the specialists to return responses.

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