Inpatient Specialty Care

Telemedicine Solutions for Inpatient Settings

TeleMed2U currently serves hospitals of all sizes, from 25-bed critical access hospitals (CAH), 75 bed skilled nursing facilities, to large urban acute hospitals and trauma centers with more than 200 beds. In each case, TeleMed2U furnishes its hospital clients with direct inpatient care and on-call coverage, as well as development and delivery of critical hospital programs that require physician specialist oversight.

TeleMed2U supplies hospitals access to a variety of medical specialists who work with hospital care teams and administrative personnel to enrich and improve:

  • Patient-centric care and care management
  • Clinical outcomes and quality measures
  • On-call coverage
  • Patient triage and flow
  • Patient and provider satisfaction
  • Service mandates and statutory compliance
  • Financial outcomes
  • Cost containment
  • Reduction in patient transfers
  • Reduction of ICU length of stay
  • Costly clinical complications
  • Ancillary and pharmaceutical costs

We are a team of medical specialists offering hospital based consultations via telemedicine tools, techniques and technologies. With the shortage of access to medical specialists, coupled with the difficulties associated with provider retention, hospitals are increasing access to specialty care via state of the art telehealth tools.

We conduct inpatient consultations via synchronous (live video/audio calls) that is secure and compliant per HIPPA and HITECH requirements. In addition we offer hospital based programs such as anti-microbial stewardship and medical leadership to Infection Prevention programs.

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